What We Do

Project evaluation and impact assessment

From formulating change theory, over program design and implementation, to process evaluation and impact assessment: Kresko is experienced in the various steps of evaluation research. We specialize in the fields of education, peace & development, public policy and social inclusion.


Collection of high-quality data

Valid and reliable empirical data are the foundation of effective policy-making. Kresko conducts quantitative and qualitative surveys in collaboration with a worldwide network of local partners, and uses rigorous methodological standards.


Statistical analysis

Kresko specializes in the development of social indicators, causal inference (impact assessment)

Research consultancy

The experts in our team provide independent and specialized advice concerning the different phases of research. This includes study design, data collection, statistical analysis and reporting.

Training in research methodology

The Kresko team members are eager to pass on their experience in evaluation research and statistical analysis to your organization. We organize customized workshops from basic research methodology to advanced statistics, tailored to the specific needs of your organization.